Steven Pinkert’s Pets – Bear, Thunder and Indy

Steven Pinkert has great pets

I realized that to have a family website and not include my pets is sacrilegious.  Certainly Sherma, my wife feels that way.  I have to admit I have a pretty good relationship with all three of my pets.  Bear is our 13 year old Westie, Thunder is an 8 year old Cornish Rex, and Indy (named after Indiana Jones) is a 28 year old African Gray (parrot).


Steven Pinkert's Favorite, Bear Copyright 2012 - Steven Pinkert

Bear is my buddy.  Always there, always hungry, always acting like he doesn’t understand what I say unless I offer him something he likes such as food or a car ride or a trip to Home Depot. Bear sleeps in our bed every night and thankfully gets groomed every other week. Bear really likes me but he likes Sherma even more.  When I come into the house he ignores me, but when Sherma walks in he is all over her.  As I mentioned earlier, Bear is a West Highland Terrier.  We actually purchased him from a breeder named Jesus in Barcelona Spain.  He was shipped air freight and arrived perfectly healthy. Jesus is one of the most famous breeders of Westie show dogs though Bear is by no means a show dog as his tail is way too long for a Westie.


Steven Pinkert's Cornish Rex Cat, Thunder Copyright 2012 - Steven Pinkert

Thunder is sometimes my friend and sometimes a monster. He is very playful which is common in the Cornish Rex breed however out of nowhere without provocation he can turn on you and attack.  We do not let guests pet Thunder unless they first sign a liability release.  (For an excellent discussion of the Cornish Rex click on this link: Wikipedia Cornish Rex Cat.)  The unusual characteristic of the Cornish Rex is that they are a short haired cat so they look weird, don’t shed and are relatively hypoallergenic.  I won’t emphasize how weird he looks – you can see his photo and be the judge.


Steven Pinkert's African Gray, Indy Copyright 2012 - Steven Pinkert

Indy is our African Gray.  He is extremely smart but won’t speak – only whistles.  Recently he has been spending time in the kitchen and I have been making him wheat pasta – his favorite dish.  We hand raised Indy and he is very friendly – but when he is molting he can bite.  Again we do not let guests touch Indy (Well only Calrie Marsh, my law partner, has mastered it  – Indy really likes Calrie.)  Sherma, my wife lets Indy out of the cage on a perch in the garage when she works out.  It is pretty funny to see Sherma, Bear, Thunder and Indy all in the garage during her morning workouts.  Sherma adores animals which is obvious, I suspect –