Christmas 2010 in Africa with Steven Pinkert’s Family

Steven Pinkert's Family in Africa

Last Christmas, 2010 we took a family vacation to Tanzania. It was a great experience.  Some of the accommodations were a bit rough as we stayed in tents in the Serengeti.  Certainly Sherma and I felt that going to the bathroom in outhouses was a bit rough.  However, if you want to safari into parts of Africa where you are relatively isolated and when an animal is spotted 10 cars don’t descend on the location, you need to be out of the parks and into the wild.  So it is a tradeoff – less luxury – better safari experience.

One of the highlights of our trip was seeing a Cheetah stalk and take down a wildebeest.  Even our guides admitted that in all their years they had never actually witnessed such an event.  We saw elephants, giraffes, hippopotamuses, and lions.  The lions were a bit of a disappointment because when we saw them they were usually resting or preening.

After the safari Steven and Sherma spent a few days in Cape Town.