Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil Tour

Robert Pinkert, Steven Pinkert, Sherma Pinkert and Ian Pinkert Attend the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil Tour

Sunday night we had a great evening.  First we had dinner at Lombardi’s on Bayside.  The food was pretty good and they have always had a good flat bread, bruschetta, and fried calamari.  Bayside hasn’t changed much over the years.  It is still tourist and souvenir heaven for tourists who like that sort of thing.  It always surprises me that such valuable real estate contiues to be used by such vendors but they must be doing okay as they have endured for years.

Interesting story about my mother, Barbara Pinkert and Bayside. About 12 years ago mom was walking through Bayside when she was stopped by a hat merchant and accused of stealing a hat.  Now you would have to know my mother to know how silly this was. My mother was British and never stole so much as a piece of candy in her life.  What happened was that she had previously purchased a hat from the hat merchant and was wearing that hat when she walked into his kiosk to look at other hats.  The salesman accused her of stealing the hat she was wearing and called the police! Even though the hat she was wearing showed signs of wear along the inside brim the police held my mother and issued her a summons for petit theft. Eventually we worked it out with the mall and the charges were dropped but I will never forget how rediculous the vendor was that day.

Michael Jackson Concert

My father is incredible.  We walked from Bayside to the American Airlines Arena where the concert was being held and found our seats.  Then after a “Miami” wait the concert began.  My father was clapping with the music and really enjoying himself.  He is unbelievable as he is 85 years old.  He has so much energy.  Dad left at the intermission and frankly I really wanted to leave as well as it was late for a Sunday night and the concert was not great.

The problem with the Michael Jackson Tour is that there is no storyline that weaves the songs together.  This failure is likely because much of Michael’s life involved struggles with issues that don’t lend themselves to a G rated concert. But this concert could be reworked with the real struggles of his life and it might turn out to be great.