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My name is Steven Pinkert and this is a website about my family.  I am married to Sherma Pinkert for 35 years we are both 60 years of age.  Sherma and I live in Miami, Florida.  I am a patent, real estate and business law attorney and also a businessman with a focus on international market entry, global projects and trade.  Sherma is a Pilates instructor with a private studio and she also teaches classes at Pinecrest Pilates.

We have 2 sons, Ian and Keith, ages 27 and 23 respectively. Ian, our eldest son, is an attorney in Miami Florida. Keith is working in the international steel trading industry and living in Madrid, Spain. Ian and Keith are still single.

My father, Robert Pinkert turned 85 this year (2012), my mother, Barbara Pinkert passed away in October 2008. I have 3 sisters and a brother.  Laura, Janet, Pam and Jim.  More about the cast of characters to follow.

The website will feature the history and background of my extended and nuclear family along with photos and videos.  If you are a member of our extended family or you have information to add to what I write please let me know.  I can be reached at my office in Miami Florida at 305-670-9000 or you may email me at spinkert@pinkertlaw.com.  For more information about me please see my other websites:

Law Firm: www.pinkertlaw.com
Personal Blog: www.stevenpinkert.com
IT Experience: www.lawalumni.com
Business Consulting: www.pinkertconsulting.com
My Photography: www.pinkertphoto.com

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