Steven Pinkert’s son, Ian Pinkert, Graduates from Georgetown Law School

Steven Pinkert Son Graduates from Law School

Although I try and blog timely this is a very funny video that Steven Pinkert took at his son Ian’s Georgetown Law School graduation about two years ago. In the video there are a few students that precede Ian and then Ian comes forward to receive his diploma.  True to form everyone finds Ian to be very funny.   I don’t want to give away too much so just watch the video.

Ian is very happy working as a plaintiff’s products liability lawyer here in Miami.

Steven Pinkert is blessed and says, “life is good”

Steven Pinkert Makes Barbecue Baby Back Ribs for the Family

Steven Pinkert has learned to make great BBQ baby back ribs.  Last night he invited a few family members over and served, among other things his specialty baby back ribs.  We love BBQ ribs almost as much as we love Chicago Hot Dogs. (For my recipe on Chicago Style Hot Dogs check out

Actually I don’t BBQ the ribs, I smoke them.  Here is how I prepare them.  I use lean slabs of ribs that I generally purchase from Whole Foods.  I preheat the oven to 350 and add a rub to the ribs with plenty of thin lemon slices on top of each slab.  Into the oven for one hour.

After baking for an hour brush a sweet and spicy barbecue sauce on both sides of each slab.  I make my own sauce with ketchup, tomato paste, chopped jalapeño or habanero peppers, chopped onions, brown sugar, vinegar, garlic, chopped scallions, salt, and pepper.  Just mix these ingredients to your taste it is difficult to mess up the sauce as long as you only add the hot peppers to your taste.

I use a Bradley Smoker because of the convenience. The Bradley feeds the wood chips in the form of pucks into the smoker continuously and automatically so Steven Pinkert doesn’t have to keep adding wood chips.  I set the smoker temperature to 280 degrees and usually I use Apple wood pucks rather than hickory. I think that hickory smoke is a bit heavy for the ribs. I smoke for 2 to 3 hours depending on how thick the ribs are.  If the slab is lean about 2 hours and 15 minutes should do.  Also, I only smoke the ribs actively for about 1 hour and 45 minutes or I find the rib’s flavor are a bit too smokey.

We had a great time and though I admit that I slightly overcooked the ribs we loved them and all had a great time.  We also barbecued chicken, had rocket salad that we grow in our garden and baked potatoes.

Sherma also made baked kale chips which are so good Steven Pinkert cannot stop eating them.  Steven’s father and his son Ian had a great time.

Steven Pinkert: “Life is good”

Steven Pinkert Christmas Family Cruise

Steven Pinkert’s Extended Family Christmas Cruise

This past Christmas through New Years my extended family went on a Caribbean Cruise.  We sailed on Celebrity for a 10 day cruise out of Fort Lauderdale.   It was very nice as almost all of my family was able to attend.

Chuck, Janet, Zach, Pam, Sherma and Steve

Our ports of call included St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Barbados, Dominica, and St. Maarten.

On the Equinox

We sailed on the Equinox.  It is a new Celebrity ship carrying about 3000 passengers. Of note the breakfast and lunch buffets were excellent.  Cabins were small as the newer Celebrity ships seem to have smaller cabins with less drawer and closet space. Here is a great picture of Sherma with our sons Keith and Ian.

Sherma, Ian and Keith Copyright 2012 - Steven Pinkert


On Barbados we rented Segways which were really fun as they were fast and the scenery was beautiful. It takes a little time to get comfortable on a Segway but after a lesson on safety you are ready.

Steven Pinkert's Extended Family on Segways

In the photo above, from left to right are Steven Pinkert, Sarah Mancinelli (my niece), Sherma, Janet (my sister), Chuck (Janet’s boyfriend), MIchael Dropkin (my nephew) and my sons Ian and Keith.  The two boys behind on the right are friends. I have other members not pictured as they didn’t do the Segway tour because over Christmas the availability of Segways was a bit limited.


Dominica is not to be confused with the Dominican Republic.  Rather it is a small island near Guadeloupe and Martinique.  It is extremely lush and with waterfalls and rich foliage.  We decided to do an extreme “shore excursion” by a company named Extreme Dominica you can check out their website at

We went canyoning!  This means that you are rappelling descending hundreds of feet on  ropes with harnesses through waterfalls, streams and crystal clear pools – all of cold water of course.  But wet suits and safety equipment are provided and mandatory.  It is not for the faint of heart or those in lousy physical shape. Take a look at the video…

We had a great trip and in addition to all the fun, we spent quality time together.

Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil Tour

Robert Pinkert, Steven Pinkert, Sherma Pinkert and Ian Pinkert Attend the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil Tour

Sunday night we had a great evening.  First we had dinner at Lombardi’s on Bayside.  The food was pretty good and they have always had a good flat bread, bruschetta, and fried calamari.  Bayside hasn’t changed much over the years.  It is still tourist and souvenir heaven for tourists who like that sort of thing.  It always surprises me that such valuable real estate contiues to be used by such vendors but they must be doing okay as they have endured for years.

Interesting story about my mother, Barbara Pinkert and Bayside. About 12 years ago mom was walking through Bayside when she was stopped by a hat merchant and accused of stealing a hat.  Now you would have to know my mother to know how silly this was. My mother was British and never stole so much as a piece of candy in her life.  What happened was that she had previously purchased a hat from the hat merchant and was wearing that hat when she walked into his kiosk to look at other hats.  The salesman accused her of stealing the hat she was wearing and called the police! Even though the hat she was wearing showed signs of wear along the inside brim the police held my mother and issued her a summons for petit theft. Eventually we worked it out with the mall and the charges were dropped but I will never forget how rediculous the vendor was that day.

Michael Jackson Concert

My father is incredible.  We walked from Bayside to the American Airlines Arena where the concert was being held and found our seats.  Then after a “Miami” wait the concert began.  My father was clapping with the music and really enjoying himself.  He is unbelievable as he is 85 years old.  He has so much energy.  Dad left at the intermission and frankly I really wanted to leave as well as it was late for a Sunday night and the concert was not great.

The problem with the Michael Jackson Tour is that there is no storyline that weaves the songs together.  This failure is likely because much of Michael’s life involved struggles with issues that don’t lend themselves to a G rated concert. But this concert could be reworked with the real struggles of his life and it might turn out to be great.

Christmas 2010 in Africa with Steven Pinkert’s Family

Steven Pinkert's Family in Africa

Last Christmas, 2010 we took a family vacation to Tanzania. It was a great experience.  Some of the accommodations were a bit rough as we stayed in tents in the Serengeti.  Certainly Sherma and I felt that going to the bathroom in outhouses was a bit rough.  However, if you want to safari into parts of Africa where you are relatively isolated and when an animal is spotted 10 cars don’t descend on the location, you need to be out of the parks and into the wild.  So it is a tradeoff – less luxury – better safari experience.

One of the highlights of our trip was seeing a Cheetah stalk and take down a wildebeest.  Even our guides admitted that in all their years they had never actually witnessed such an event.  We saw elephants, giraffes, hippopotamuses, and lions.  The lions were a bit of a disappointment because when we saw them they were usually resting or preening.

After the safari Steven and Sherma spent a few days in Cape Town.

Robert Pinkert Present – A Video About His Life

This is a wonderful video that we presented to my father, Robert Pinkert on his 85th birthday, February 6, 2012. We had a party for him at Capital Grill on February 4 where we debuted this video. Pam and Zach Dropkin, my sister and brother in law, made the video. The video features wonderful still photographs from my father’s past and a terrific soundtrack. On February 5th we had a second party for Dad at our home, Sherma and Steven Pinkert, in Miami, Florida


Presidents Day Weekend in Key West

Sherma, Ian, dad and I just had a very nice weekend in Key West. Dad sailed down on his boat and the 3 of us flew down to meet him on Friday evening.

The weather was nice, blue sky and not too humid – for Key West. We didn’t bring our dog, Bear, because we flew, but he would have enjoyed it.

Steven Pinkert’s Take on some Key West Food

We had some good food at Michaels Restaurant.  Basically a steak house with excellent side dishes. In addition to great fillet mignon, the veal chop and pork chop are a definite yes. The sides, particularly the mac and cheese was also quite good. Highly recommended.

Dad, Ian, Sherma and Steven Pinkert

We had a quick lunch at Alonzo which is on the first floor of AB Lobster House. The fish was fantastic.  I had a blackened snapper sandwich which I inhaled, and the caesar salad with mahi mahi was equally good.

Saturday night Sherma, Ian, Eli and Ana went out to a bar with a mechanical bull. (I was tired and went back to the hotel.). They had fun and Ana was awesome on the Bull! Sherma, luckily, declined to mount the bull. Then, this morning, after little sleep, Sherma, Ian, Eli and Ana went flats fishing for 6 hours. I would never – the heat, etc., – not for me. But they caught lots of fish including a tarpon, grouper and they snagged a few sharks.

Sherma and Ian Copyright 2012 - Steven Pinkert

It was a wonderful weekend – particularly spending time with my father – and he had a good time.

Postscript: We flew back and my father came back to MIami on his boat. At about Islamorada a hose broke on the port engine forcing them to stay the night in Islamorada.  My dad was unfazed and enjoyed it.

Steven Pinkert’s Father’s 85th Birthday Celebration

Robert Pinkert’s 85th Birthday Celebration

Last Sunday – Super Bowl Sunday, we celebrated my father, Robert Pinkert’s 85th Birthday.  We had the party at our home (in Miami) and we had about 40 guests.  Many of my father;s friends attended along with a few of my friends, my siblings, and my nephews and nieces.  Also cousin Phil, one of my two oldest friends came to the party.

The theme was Superbowl and the food was really terrific although we had way too much. I had set up large screen TVs for everyone’s viewing and amazingly the weather held out. (It was threatening rain for the entire day.)

Robert Pinkert

Sherma and Dad Copyright 2012 - Steven Pinkert

My father had a wonderful time and his only criticism was that we waited to serve until half time.