New World Symphony – A Blessing for Miami – Steven Pinkert

Last night my father, Sherma and I attended the performance of Sibelius’ Concerto in D minor for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 47.  Not only was the orchestra’s performance invigorating, the soloist, Henning Kraggerud was fantastic.  He is a virtuoso. But there is much more to the New World Symphony that needs to be said.

The acoustics, and I consider myself an expert on acoustics, are the best I have ever heard in a concert hall – full stop! The electronic sound system that is used in the outdoor theater is also the finest outdoor sound system I have ever heard. (I was told but have not verified that the outdoor sound system is British – which would not surprise me as  I have been an audiophile for years and have old “Naim” audio equipment, made in England, that I still listen to today.)

But there is even more that makes the New World Symphony great…it is the spirit of the young musicians.  There is something especially moving – listening to young aspiring great artists.  Somehow the fact that the orchestra is composed entirely of outstanding young musicians that are in residence and studying at the New World School makes the performance even more exciting!

New World Symphony

New World Symphony Copyright 2012 - Steven Pinkert

As mentioned above there is also an outdoor theater that has a powerful HD projector which projects onto a gigantic screen enabling the outdoor visitors to view the performances for free in a picnic environment. And the location – just a block from Lincoln Road on Miami Beach is unbelievable.

Finally, Steven Pinkert and his family, appreciate all the support that our community members, county, and businesses have given and continue to give to make this school and performing art center a reality.

“For a memorable evening – attend the Miami New World Symphony – either in the performing hall or out on the lawn,” says Steven Pinkert