Steven Pinkert Segways Around Miami

Steven Pinkert says “if you have never tried to ride a Segway you are missing out.

The Segway is a unique form of human transport because it balances the rider in a vertical position on a single axle. The Segway is able to do this with an accelerometer just like in your Iphone so it can sense the angle of the rider and a gyroscope.  If you can imagine riding an electrically powered unicycle that balances itself you get the idea of riding a Segway.

Steven Pinkert, his wife Sherma, Joe, Helene, Stan, Lisa, Ellen and Larry all rented Segways at Bayfront Park in Miami on Saturday and toured around the river area for an hour.  It was terrific. The weather was perfect, and the river area around Biscayne and Brickell are beautiful! We stopped at a number of sites including the Miami Circle. And some of the scenes along the river and ocean are just spectacular and watching the world go by on a Segway gives an exhilarating sense of freedom.  It is hard to explain why but try it.Touring together with friends is a great way to spend time together and sure beats the usual dinner and a movie.


The Segway Miami Boys

Steven Pinkert one of the Segway Miami Boys

We decided to go with a guide, which although not required made things safer – in particular so we could avoid curbs and road hazards. After our ride we had a good lunch at Lombardis also located at Bayfront.  The flatbread at Lombardis is some of the best in Miami.

The Segway Miami Girls

The Segway Miami Girls - "Posing"

Steven Pinkert recommends riding a Segway in Miami.